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Welcome to Elmwood Elementary

Dear ​Families,

Welcome ​to ​Elmwood ​School ​where ​students ​learn, ​create, ​and ​achieve together, ​daily. ​Elmwood ​School ​is ​the ​“middle” ​elementary ​school ​and ​consists ​of Grade ​Two ​and ​Grade ​Three ​students ​and ​staff. ​At ​Elmwood, ​educators ​strive ​to meet ​the ​unique ​needs ​of ​our ​early ​learners. ​In ​addition ​to ​a ​focus ​on ​English Language ​Arts, ​Mathematics, ​Science ​and ​Social ​Studies, ​teachers ​use ​a ​variety ​of effective ​methods ​to ​teach ​character, ​support ​social ​and ​emotional ​learning ​and meet ​the ​unique ​needs ​of ​each ​second ​and ​third ​grade ​learner. Through ​classroom ​communities ​and ​home-school ​partnerships, ​teachers ​at Elmwood ​foster ​communication, ​celebration ​and ​excitement ​for ​learning. ​

Students enjoy ​opportunities ​to ​work ​together ​in ​polite, ​caring ​ways ​while ​learning ​to ​take ​care of ​themselves ​and ​others ​with ​respect. ​Students ​take ​responsibility ​for ​their ​decisions and ​are ​supported ​as ​they ​learn ​to ​take ​into ​consideration ​the ​feelings ​of ​other students ​and ​adults. ​Working ​with ​students ​in ​two ​grade ​levels ​means ​staff ​members can ​be ​experts ​on ​the ​unique ​needs, ​interests, ​and ​characteristics ​of ​this ​wonderful age ​group. Second ​and ​third ​grades ​are ​hard ​workers; ​often ​perfectionists, ​who ​like ​their work ​to ​look ​good ​and ​may ​take ​a ​long ​time ​to ​create ​something. ​Students ​at ​this age ​love ​the ​routines ​and ​structure ​of ​school. ​They ​are ​often ​good ​listeners ​and ​most still ​want ​to ​be ​read ​to. ​Students ​in ​grades ​two ​and ​three ​like ​to ​work ​in ​groups ​and independently, ​and ​thrive ​on ​a ​sense ​of ​fairness ​at ​work ​and ​play. ​Teachers ​at Elmwood ​attend ​to ​these ​unique ​characteristics ​when ​teaching, ​to ​foster ​optimum student ​learning ​and ​growth.

Our ​goal ​at ​Elmwood ​is ​for ​students ​to ​reach ​their ​full ​potential ​through ​a partnership ​between ​home ​and ​school. ​The ​staff ​at ​Elmwood ​school ​are ​passionate and ​committed ​to ​fostering ​such ​a ​partnership ​and ​will ​work ​to ​create ​opportunities for ​families ​to ​share ​in ​the ​joy ​of ​learning.

Ms. Tynan and I look forward to working with you and your child(ren) this year. We are proud of our school and we hope that you will be, too!

 Anne ​Carver, Principal ​


Elmwood Principal

Ms. Carver holds a Master of Education in Elementary Leadership and Administration from Worcester State University, and a Master of Education in Integrated Studies from Cambridge College. Her undergraduate work was in Early Childhood Education, completed at Wheelock College. She is currently the Principal for Elmwood School and previously served as the Assistant Principal. Anne began her career as an Elementary Classroom Teacher in the Worcester Public School district, and has extensive classroom teaching experience.